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The Council of the Obsidian, Inc. invites students to Know Your World & Claim It. 

Know Your World & Claim It presents an experiential education program that connects US-based 13 – 17 year old students to their closest neighbor on the continent of Africa, The Republic of Senegal.  This highly interactive, multi-disciplinary experience is computer-based and therefore accessible from any locale. It culminates in a 10 day cultural immersion experience in Senegal. 

Know Your World & Claim It has a National Coordinator who is experienced in cross-cultural, experiential education with students of this age. Representatives from a cadre of schools and Youth Serving Organizations will serve on the National Facilitation Team. 

This experience is available to 13 – 17 year old students. The Senegal Cultural Immersion and Travel Component will have a 1:5 adult supervisor to student ratio. A Senegal-based team with demonstrated competence and experience with this type of endeavor will facilitate the in-country component. 

Students from Independent African Centered Schools, Private Schools, Public Schools, Public Charter Schools, and other Youth Servings Organizations are encouraged to apply (Group composition to be determined locally.) Know Your World & Claim It is operated by The Council of the Obsidian, Inc. and is not a part of any other institution’s curriculum.   

Know Your World & Claim It promises to provide participants with an enriching experience in the US and Senegal.


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