Come Experience Senegal

A Home Away From Home

The Obama Family in Senegal


President Barack Obama and his family arrived in Dakar, Senegal. They experienced Senegal for two days as the first stop of their visit to Africa. It is certain that the Obamas enjoyed their stay and found Senegal to be a friendly, hospitable, and beautiful place to visit. Senegal is known for its “teranga”, the Wolof word for hospitality. President Obama, Mrs. Obama, and their daughters Sasha and Malia met wonderful people that were overjoyed with experience. It is very likely that all parties concerned were left with lasting and positive impressions. This is “the way it is” when people visit Senegal.      

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First time visitors always have a special treat because they find to experience Senegal a little whets the appetite to experience more. Senegal is a great place to begin a visit to Africa. It is often called the “Gateway to West Africa.” President Obama and his family tasted that gateway experience in their short visit. You can arrange to stay longer and truly savor it.

You do not have to be an internationally known dignitary to experience Senegal . You do not have to be a member of important delegation to taste Senegalese life, culture, and “teranga”. You just have to be YOU! The rest comes easy. So you are invited to Come Experience Senegal. It will only take a few minutes to begin what can become the experience of a lifetime. Go ahead! Take a look and think about. President Barack Obama’s family enjoyed an experience that they will never forget. You can too. Know that YOU ARE WELCOME!

img_9563 meeting the family minister